Doug Garnett’s Atomic Blog



Doug Garnett is a respected expert in brands, advertising, product introductions, and television. Through his writing and speaking, Doug explores the power brands and retailers built by advertising innovative products.

Beyond his blog, Doug writes for a range of publications and speaks to industry audiences about advertising, innovation, and new products. He spent 12 years as an adjunct instructor of general advertising in the School of Business Admin at Portland State University. He is on’s BrainTrust, the BWG Advisory Board, and Response Magazine’s Advisory Board. His first book, “Building Brand with Direct Response Television” was released in 2011.

Why Innovative Products?

Over the course of his career, Doug Garnett has participated in some of the leading innovations of our time. With degrees in mathematics, Doug started in space exploration and defense then explored the microprocessor revolution, human-computer interface design and supercomputers before shifting to advertising for consumer products.

Doug’s background has led to unique insights about consumer products and communication. For 25 years he has applied his vision to products ranging from satellite TV to hand tools and patio furniture, and from Internet appliances to smart home tech, cookware coatings and automotive chemicals.

Through this work, Doug has discovered three truths about the challenges facing companies generating brand and financial returns on innovative products:

  1. Innovation literature is glaringly weak when it comes to advertising – especially in consumer markets. Innovation books may lay out the process leading up to product releases, but they leave out communication – one key to new product success.
  2. Ad Agencies aren’t experienced with innovative products. Traditional agencies may be skilled with brand or promotional advertising, but neither approach delivers the ROI that innovative products deserve.
  3. Innovative products aren’t delivering ROI power. Without advertising, consumers don’t trust an innovative product to deliver value (and often don’t even know it exists). If consumers don’t understand your product’s value before entering the store, only a rare few products have any hope of success.

These truths led Doug to found Atomic Direct in 1998 — an advertising agency dedicated to making innovative products pay off in the home, hardware, and automotive markets.

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