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builds brand faster
than a good product
well advertised.

The Atomic Way is our approach to driving immediate action while building brand. It includes our intense commitment to crafting powerful communication that delivers outstanding and measurable business results.

Doug founded Atomic in 1998 using this approach and it continues to guide our work across the full spectrum of channels used by our retail-based clients.

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to the core

Focused on
smart results

Powerful communication requires a solid strategic base. Strategy is the foundation of the Atomic Way.

Our upfront strategic planning delivers campaigns with the right communication to solve your business challenges and to deliver real results.

While it has become far too easy for agencies to claim “we do strategy too!”, in the best-case, many clients get only theoretical documents that lay out amazing plans that never reach the creative department.

Atomic is different. For us, strategy is a practical matter – a means to an end. We seek brilliant strategy that can be implemented into every aspect of the project, from creative to production, from media to campaign services.

Key to our strategy is flexibility. Our process leaves room for instinct and insight to play their roles because sometimes it’s only during execution that the most powerful strategic opportunities coalesce. When that happens, it’s critical to be flexible enough to take advantage of the smart opportunities.

Business based

Understanding the bottom line

When he moved from sales to advertising, Doug Garnett was surprised at how few agency teams had fundamental business sense.

Clients regularly tell us their frustration with young agency whizzes, account planners and AEs who can’t read a P&L, but try to tell them how to run their multi-million-dollar businesses.

The Atomic Way requires that we focus on our client’s business needs and on advertising that either solves business problems or helps grasp new opportunities. After all, advertising is only meaningful when it delivers results.

Our business focus is especially critical in making media choices – because media is the single most expensive part of a campaign. Atomic seeks low cost, high value media that delivers the big results our clients need. The idea of “high value” is critical in that equation. There are plenty of media opportunities that are low cost without delivering high impact (especially in digital). That’s not good enough – low impact doesn’t drive business results.

We have developed a unique skill with DRTV (TV time bought on the direct response rate card) and with applying DRTV campaigns to retail challenges. What we’ve found is that savvy, retail-oriented DRTV buying delivers 4 to 6 times the store impact per dollar than programmatic or traditional TV.

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Retail savvy

Store traffic with
fast track demand

Atomic fully embraces the world of multiple channels while focusing most heavily at the store – where 90% of sales happen.

Key to our work is our focus on driving demand for products that are new in the store – whether brand extensions or entirely new brands. We do this through our unique understanding of how advertising interacts with retail. It’s not enough to merely put an ad on TV. If you’re going to maximize your spending impact, you’ll need to understand the customer’s journey throughout the process – starting well before they enter the store. Then, you’ll need to design communication in each channel set up to deliver the best impact.

As a result, we work with you, your team, and your other agencies to ensure that everything comes together – from in-store video and displays to digital, radio, and print – all with an eye toward the ways TV can maximize momentum at retail.

TV and video tend to be at the core of our work because they deliver unequalled power to drive retail. Despite internet hype, traditional TV has continued to grow in strength for the past decade and is more powerful now than it has ever been. Yes…all this despite DVRs, YouTube, and the proliferation of online video.

At the same time, online, mobile, and in-store video have yet to deliver the power of traditional TV, but they are superb additional opportunities to get out the messages that make things happen. And, Atomic stays focused on these opportunities because they continue to evolve and will, over the long run, become far more powerful than they are today.

Product driven

Building brand
through products

About 50 years ago, a specific type of advertising became “brand advertising”. The myth is that in order to build brand, you need to use brand advertising. It’s not true.

Product is the core of every brand. And brand emanates from product. Therefore advertising that builds the strongest brand connections often starts with product and that makes it advertising that drives significant demand at the same time.

At Atomic we have an unusual talent for creating product-based advertising — compelling advertising built around your product to showcase your brand. And while most ads lead consumers only to say, “that’s interesting I should learn more” our job is to bring consumers to say “I’ve got to get one of those!”

Best of all, when product-based advertising makes the cash register ring, its brand value continues. Because nothing — absolutely nothing — resonates with a consumer more than purchasing your product and liking it.

What we're not

Programmed and predictable

Many creative shops believe they can deliver exceptionally effective creative through any medium. But it’s not possible. So at Atomic, we stay focused on our expertise – on those areas where we have proven to deliver the impact needed by our clients.

Atomic focuses on products and services and drives demand while building brand – in other words moving product out the door…now! Just check out our experience.

We frequently choose DRTV for our campaigns because of its tremendous economic power. Yet, we don’t consider ourselves a direct marketing agency (and we definitely don’t do “yell & sell”).

Finally, we aren’t an agency who spends vast amounts for fancy buildings in the hippest parts of town. We prefer to put our energy and your money where it matters: On the advertising and on the campaign that puts those ads on-air. (We do like to make money. We just do it the old fashioned way – delivering advertising that works.)

So, we’ll stick with what we know – and deliver powerful results for you.

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