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Based in Portland, Oregon, Atomic Direct is an industry-leading television advertising agency. We specialize in creating demand for innovative products at mass and specialty retail. And, we do it while building brand. Atomic offers all services needed for these campaigns including creative, production, media, research, strategy and other campaign services.

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Custom expert collaboration

Atomic offers a unique quality of services requiring talents that can’t be contained within four walls. Atomic’s in-house staff knows how to build and execute the strategy, creative, and campaign to achieve our client’s business goals. These experts then pull specific skillsets from Atomic’s extensive network of freelancers and creative teams as well as media, telemarketing, and fulfillment companies.

The result? Our clients get more success from a customized team of experts; hand-selected to fit their brand and sales challenges.

Atomic’s structure also allows us to be nimble – to adapt quickly and avoid the infrastructure struggles that drive poor client decisions in larger agencies.

By directing expertise where it has the biggest impact we’re able to make the most of your budget. Experience shows the value of this approach. The proof is in our work — and the power it delivers our clients.