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Based in Portland, Oregon, Atomic Direct is an industry-leading advertising agency that specializes in driving sales of innovative new products at mass and specialty retail. Atomic delivers full-service television and video campaigns including creative, production, media, research, strategy and campaigns, and leads the industry in utilizing TV and DRTV to leverage brands across the entire range of consumer channels.

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and strategy

Atomic Direct is the most strategically innovative company in the DRTV business. More

Atomic Direct is the most strategically innovative company in the DRTV business. We take strategy seriously as it extends to every aspect of our work. We continue to refine strategies based on our experiences, the research we conduct, and learning client’s challenges and goals.

While DRTV remains a very immature marketing discipline, Atomic is leading the way in making DRTV a stable marketing platform for established brands, as well as start-ups. We use research to guide and refine our strategy, focusing on the business problem that advertising needs to solve. Our DRTV research as been developed over 20 years and is the most effective way to learn how to communicate to your target audience and lead them through the sales process.


“Whenever you can, make the product itself the hero of your advertising.”
– David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising More

Atomic believes that you build brand fastest through product-based advertising, because it brands while it sells. We focus on making your product the hero and carefully communicating its value. Our creative process starts and ends with strategy and never loses site of the ultimate goal: give consumers the information they need to drive them to purchase, whether online, by phone or instore. Additionally, we work at seamlessly integrating our advertising with your brand to deliver powerful Omnichannel sales.

If you’re a corporate client entering the DRTV business, you need a company that values your brand for everything it means. For everything you’ve already invested in that brand. And, for how your products are driving your brand forward. You need Atomic.


Atomic Direct assembles the best production team for each of our clients. We focus on More

incorporating the right elements to ensure that every campaign, every infomercial and every spot meets its goals within budget provisions. It’s a win-win situation for both sides: we strengthen our relationships with the best in the production scene and offer our clients the most for their budget. Atomic’s experience keeps our client’s productions focused on the strategy – building a layered sales pitch, capturing compelling consumer testimonials, and delivering powerful video demonstrations and graphics.

Media and analytics

It’s no secret that the lower cost of TV media time is one of the biggest reasons advertisers turn to Direct Response Television. More

DRTV makes TV affordable to companies who otherwise couldn’t afford it, and allows major retailers the opportunity to maximize their media budgets. And the direct sales from DRTV advertising can offset those costs even more.

But what if you could do even more? That’s what sets us apart from the competitors. Atomic Direct scrutinizes every media plan we touch to ensure that the message is delivered to the right audience. Along with our media buying “allies”, we create dynamic plans based on years of experience that deliver spectacular results. After all, inexpensive media is a great way to maximize your ad dollars, but it’s a waste of time and money if you’re not reaching the right consumers at the right time.

Full-service campaigns (consumer experience)

At Atomic Direct, campaign management is more than just setting up telemarketing and fulfillment services. More

We take your brand seriously and know that every single touch point within the purchase process is vital to creating the best possible brand experience for your consumer.

We offer a full range of customizable services that utilize experience and industry knowledge to seamlessly execute your campaign. From vendor selection, to daily monitoring, to post campaign data analysis, Atomic Direct will set up and manage all the complex moving parts of a DRTV campaign to significantly increase ROI and brand value.

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