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It’s not rocket science, but it’s close

Advertising isn’t easy. And specializing in advertising for product launches is even harder. Most agency projects work within well-defined bounds of existing brands. Yet every Atomic project creates new ways to look at products, product categories, and the brands they represent. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The core of success

But succeeding at strategy hasn’t been easy. While there is extensive experience creating new products, there’s far less experience in the market creating the communication that drives high demand for these products. So Atomic has had to dig deep and develop our own understanding of this unique situation – whether working for established brands or for start-ups.

As a result, we use research to guide and refine our strategy, focusing on the business problem that advertising needs to solve. Our use of research to support strategy has been developed over 20 years and we continue to innovate with ways to leverage research into better bottom line success for our clients.


Art meets science

Atomic believes that you build brand fastest through product-based advertising, because it brands while it sells. Our work makes your product the hero and carefully communicates its value in ways consumers find motivating.

Our creative process starts and ends with strategy and never loses site of the ultimate goal: give consumers the information they need to drive them to purchase, whether in-store, online or by phone.

When we work with existing brands (and we’ve done this for brands as powerful as Rubbermaid and Teflon), we look for creative that leverages everything your brand means. At the same time, we do this through product and have a very unique ability to showcase your brand through your products.


Where great campaigns are made

Strategy and creative work end up being only as effective as the finished advertising that the consumer sees. And production is where great ideas often die from hundreds of small (seemingly insignificant) decisions, adding up to failure.

As a result, Atomic Direct produces our advertising in-house — assembling the best production team for each project. And we do this with a keen eye to any budgetary limitations you may have. While Atomic may not be the “cheapest” agency around, we are proud to deliver far more for your dollar than anyone we know.

This work builds an exceptionally sophisticated layered sales pitch delivered in a way that pays out best for our clients. Quite often, this means compelling consumer testimonials, powerful video demonstrations and outstanding 3D graphics that show what consumers would otherwise miss.


Strategic, effective, responsive

Media is the single biggest cost in a campaign. So Atomic is focused on finding ways to make your media dollars as effective as possible.

Quite often this means we buy from the station’s direct response television (DRTV) rate card where we can buy highly effective media at rates 2 to 4 times cheaper than traditional TV. For large clients, this means you can stretch your budgets that much further. And for some companies, it’s the only way to make TV affordable.

But what if you could do even more? That’s what sets us apart from the competitors. Atomic Direct scrutinizes every media plan we touch to ensure that the message is delivered to the right audience. Along with our media buying “allies”, we create dynamic plans based on years of experience that deliver spectacular results. After all, inexpensive media is a great way to maximize your ad dollars, but it’s a waste of time and money if you’re not reaching the right consumers at the right time.

Full-service campaigns

Branding the consumer experience

We take your brand seriously and know that every single touch point within the purchase process is vital to creating the best possible brand experience for your consumer.

For some of our campaigns Atomic sets up a direct sales channel through phone and or web sales. When we do this, we realize that your consumers will see these contacts as a reflection of your company. So we offer a full range of customizable services that deliver on your brand promise. This requires our vigilance – from vendor selection, to daily monitoring, to post campaign data analysis.

When it comes to your complete campaign Atomic will set up and manage all the complex moving parts: in ways that significantly increase ROI and protect – even enhance – your brand value.

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